MDC Corporation - Horse Show
Dear Exhibitors,

Welcome to the Twenty Seventh Annual Wine Country Classic Horse Show.

Brookside Equestrian Park is the home of The Wine Country Classic. Hosted by Bill Madden, Brookside has always been known as an exhibitor friendly facility. With enhanced footing, an abundance of trees, tents and seating, Brookside’s location is idea for showing in the Sacramento area. It is personally rewarding to produce this once a year event and keep seeing all the familiar faces as well as welcoming the new faces to the experience of the Wine Country Classic.

As always, our purpose has been to produce a “B” rated horse show with the amenities and feel of an “A” rated show. To that end, we have been rewarded by you, the exhibitor, with your increased participation and loyalty. I would like to thank everyone involved in this success: Trainers, exhibitors, parents, sponsors, officials and staff.

Our classes feature the $2,500 Wine Country Classic Hunter Derby at 3'. We also offer the $2,500 MDC Stirrups Hunter Derby held at two heights 2'6" and 2'9", the $2,000 MDC Stirrups Jumper Classic, the $1,000 MDC Stirrups 3' Jr/Am Jumper Classic and the $1,000 MDC Stirrups Jr/Am Hunter Classic.

A party every evening is our motto and 2022 is no different. Wine, Food, Music and Fun continue due to the sponsorship of Bill Madden and the Wine Country Classic.

The Wine Country Classic is going Green. Entries can be made at If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our show secretary Megan Quinn, or 949-510-6395. Please note that downloads of the entire prize list, index of classes, schedule and entry blank are also available at or at The Staff of The Wine Country Classic looks forward to seeing you at Brookside for another fun horse show in the Sacramento Wine Country